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Linda has returned from her trip to Nepal. Pictures and a slideshow of her trip appear below:
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Dry-land planting for erosion control.

Kumari Youth Club members will do the planting.

Linda with Jagat Lama of the Health & Education for Nepal (HEN)

Lower Secondary School in need of shade trees and erosion control.

Medical Clinic also in need of shade trees and erosion control.

Location of the future apple orchard for apple farming.

A slideshow of Linda's visit to Nepal.

TreesOverSeas is a non-profit tree planting organization based in Santa Rosa, California. Its' mission is to promote tree preservation and sustainable urban forestry practices in the poorest and most remote communities in the world. Linda has spent the past thirty years working with non-profit, citizen-based, urban forestry organizations under the umbrella of the California ReLeaf Network. She intends to apply the same sustainable principles, starting with the villages in Nepal, borrowing from Greg Mortenson's book, Three Cups of Tea, she will start with the poorest and most remote villages in the Himalayan foothills.

By involving local residents to participate in the planning and planting, Linda hopes to empower people in the lowlands and foothills to take control of their land by planting trees for sustenance, erosion control, fuel resource, energy reduction, and watershed protection.

Trees will provide food, fuel, shade, numerous other benefits, and will give the people in Nepal a sense of ownership of their land, their families, and their community.

Linda realizes she can't do it all, but if she can get one group of concerned citizens in one community energized about urban forestry, then maybe they will teach their skills to their cousins in another village and get them energized, and so on, and so on. It's a domino effect. It was successful in California, and Linda feels it's her turn to be the conduit to funnel that financial, technical, and inspirational energy from the affluent West to the poorest communities in the East.

Please look for upcoming events and follow our progress as we launch this NGO from Pokhara in April 2012.

Invest in TreesOverSeas' Future Your generosity today helps support the research, education and implementation of our first tree-planting event, and makes future projects possible. By bridging the worlds of the East and West our efforts will help people to envision and create new possibilities for our collective future.